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Judging from the complaints I'm hearing, the trophy for the town's annual talent show is once again about to be handed to an uncoordinated and somewhat confused little girl in tap shoes who's not old enough to completely comprehend why her mom pushed her up onto the stage.

Except this time the problem has gone nationwide.

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For Denver-area locals

I recently remedied my unemployment problem, and my new employer has another job opening they're trying to fill.

If you know someone (or maybe that person is you -- but do you truly know yourself?) in need of a job fitting the description of the one below, feel free to send them the link...

Windows / Linux Hybrid Technician II at Covalent IT in Wheat Ridge, CO

If you have any questions about the place, feel free to ask.


What -- I didn't make a bizarre joke out of this?

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I break my posting silence for THIS???? (I thought some of you would appreciate the laugh)

I want to try a little experiment.

Click the YouTube link below (definitely NSFW, BTW -- probably not even safe for home) but don't look at the screen for the first thirty seconds, because I think knowing the title of the video lessens the impact. I suspect you'll know when to look up.:-)